Shenzhen Stock Exchange signs MOU with The Athens Stock Exchange in April, 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecological Reconditioning Project in Deserts of Alashan
SZSE advocates the philosophy of public welfare and earnestly performed its social responsibility.It promotes educationa...

Education and Social Welfare
SZSE supports public welfare and disaster relief. Since 1993, SZSE has donated nine primary schools in Hope Project.

Promotion of Low-carbon Environmental Protection
SZSE firmly believes that it is every citizen and organization’s responsibility ...


S.C to List on SZSE

Diagnosis Biomedicine to List on SZSE

"Free Trading Suspension", "Arbitrary Trading Suspension" and "Long-term Trading Suspension " Are...[2018-08-06]
---New Changes in the Trading Suspension and Resumption in Mergers and Acquisitions of the SZSE-Listed Companies


Consolidate System Foundation and Strengthen Risk Prevention & Control[2018-08-03]
the work of SZSE in the first half of 2018 and the work plan for the second half of the year were announced and the followings were reviewed and approved: the measures and supporting rules on implementing the mandatory delisting mechanism for the major violation of law by listed companies, the poverty alleviation work plan for 2018, and other matters. Thorough discussions about the recent market operation and risk prevention and control were also conducted at the meeting.


SZSE Releases "IPO Express" App Providing One-stop Service for Companies Seeking to Go Public[2018-08-03]
In order to further expand the market service radius and improve service efficiency, Shenzhen Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred as SZSE) officially released the "IPO Express" app to provide one-stop service for companies seeking to go public. This is another important measure for SZSE to strengthen market cultivation services, optimize the market cultivation services function, and boost the transformation and upgrading of market cultivation services.


Shenzhen Innovative Engine Index Debuts, Highlighting the Innovative Feature of Shenzhen's Economic Reform[2018-08-02]
As an equity index manifesting the development of Shenzhen's listed companies, Innovative Engine will better play the role of "window" for the reform and opening-up of Shenzhen and articulate the economic development characteristics and advantages of Shenzhen, a "city of innovation". It will offer a new channel for investors to share the economic development bonus of Shenzhen.



SZSE Component Index
20180810 15:00
 SZSE Component8813.49
 SZSE Composite1515.96
 SZSE SME Price6083.43
 ChiNext Price1511.71
 CES China 1206271.46
Market Overview
Listed Companies2,116
Listed Securities7,485
Stock Market Value(RMB Bil.)19,315.32
Stock Trading Value(RMB Bil.)165.58
Average P/E Ratio23.72
Average Turnover Rate1.12


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